Annimals being promiscuous

According to Webster's dictionary, promiscuous can be defined as having sexual relations frequently with different partners and being indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.Christa Hohoff, Kerstin Franzen, and Norbert Sachser believe that in the yellow-toothed cavy (Galea musteloides), it is the females choice to be actively promiscuous.They feel so because females will receive benefits such as paternal care and protection from predators.Females will also increase their chances of producing a viable offspring and decrease their chances of being fertilized by a genetically incompatible male.This hypothesis is interesting because as humans, promiscuity is against the social norm, especially for a female because it leads to disease and unwanted offspring.But in a species such as the yellow-toothed cavy, females can be rewarded with such actions.
The authors used several methods in order to obtain results.For the experiment the used 12 male and 12 female yellow toothed cavies were used for 12 different mating tests.Each female had a choice between four males to mate.The cavies were put in a mate choice apparatus that prevented monopolization and the harassment of females by the males.The mate choice apparatus was divided into five compartments; a central compartment for the female and four separate adjacent champers for the males.The female compartment was linked to each male compartment through a small passage, but there was no direct passage between the male compartments.The apparatus had a counter and video camera so the number of times the female entered the males' compartment and the type of behavior could be recorded.Each mating test lasted for 3.5 days.On thefirst day, only the female was placed in the apparatus with all the doors open so she could get accustomed to the different chambers.On the second day, the four males were added to their respective compartments but the doors w…

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