Animal Testing

There is an creature that lives two to three years, is unable to vomit, has no gall bladder, will give birth to 100 young each year, can synthesize Vitamin C in it's body, and could be up to three billion times more cancer-prone than a human.
That creature is a mouse and it is used for scientific research into finding a cure for cancer in humans. The use of animals in research and experimentation fails to apply to humans, due to their different biology, stresses they encounter in lab conditions and the manner with which tests are introduced to the animal. (Fano 24)
Just as people react differently to chemicals depending on various factors, animal test results vary widely according to the species, sex, age, diet, stress level, and strain of the animal. For example, Benzidine has caused bladder cancer in humans and dogs, and liver and mammary tumors in rats. (Glaberson 1) Unfortunately, in this instance and many more just like it, animal testing proved to be inaccurate and wasteful.
Some conclusions drawn from animal experimentation can make quite horrific reading. Another example being the studies done on arsenic and it's potential for causing cancer. While numerous epidemiological studies have proven that arsenic causes cancer in humans, toxicologists now acknowledge that arsenic rarely, if ever, causes cancer in animals. Rats, for example, are remarkably resistant to the chemical and develop none of the illnesses-liver, bladder, kidney, and skin cancer-observed in humans. (Brink 66)
However, arsenic is not the only concern. There are currently 85,000+ chemicals on the market-dyes, insecticides, refrigerants, chemical warfare agents, etc-and 1,500-2,000 new chemicals are added to the toxic flow each year. Government agencies, such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have set up some massive animal testing programs, using mostly rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, hens, and fish, to allegedly tes…

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