Animal Testing

They are shot, irradiated, having their limbs and neck broken, having electrodes placed on their brains, and infected with harmful and fatal diseases every day.Lab animals are subjected to cruel and heartless conditions every day of their lives as humans justify it by an attempt to further medical research; however, the truth exposed is that animal research is not an effective way to test drugs or cosmetic products, due to their large differences from the human species. This process is known as vivisection, which literally means cutting alive.
Most all species of animals are used in vivisection.All animals are exposed to mental and physical torture.Since primates are mans nearest relatives, they are involved in vivisection more frequent than any other species.Monkeys are turned into drug addicts, alcoholics, force fed sweets for dental research, and are victims for car crash tests.Rat and mice are also frequently tested upon.In 1997 2,147,448 rats and mice were experimented on in the United Kingdom alone.Four million rats and mice were gassed or decapitated due to routine over breeding.Animal testing kills millions of animals every year.
A major reason animals should not be tested on is because of the diverse effects of products on them compared to humans.Research proves that many drugs have had opposite side effects in humans than what they had when they were tested on the lab animals.Penicillin a useful drug for humans kills guinea pigs.A cancer drug called 6-azauridine can be used in humans but small doses kill dogs in a couple of days. Tamoxifen is designed as a contraceptive that works well in rats but has an opposite effect in women.Even every day aspirin relieves pain for humans but causes birth defects in cats.Blood transfusions were delayed two hundred years because of misleading results of animal experiments.Corneal transplants were also delayed ninety years due to incorrect vivisection resu…

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