Animal Testing

People getting sick is an everyday issue.If we did not have laboratory research on animals, people would be dying from illnesses such as the common cold.Animal Rights Activists are against animal testing, but then again when they get sick do they not use the same drugs that were tested on those animals to cure them.Also there are so many different antibiotics and drugs that have come from animal research.Plus what would happen if there were no animal research?If we did not have animal testing our lives would be totally different; we would have a shorter life span.
Animal Rights Activists attack scientists for their use of animal in medical research.But the truth is without animal testing there would be no antibiotics.There are many benefits derived from animal research; "these include rehabilitation of persons suffering from stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, and Alzheimer's disease; improbed communication with severly retarded children; methods of early detection of eye disorders in children; control of chronic anxiety without the use of drugs; and improved treatments for alcoholism, obesity, substance abuse, hypertension, chronic migraine headaches, lower back pain, and insomnia(Baldwin).Without animal testing we wouldn't have the knowledge we do today.Time and time again scientist have proved that there are more benefits derived from animal research than the actual cost.An animal does not have the same rights as a human being does, but us as humans have a responsibility to ensure to society that animals will be treated humanely.Animal testing has played a big role in improving human conditions, so instead of banning animal testing humans should strive to treat them well.
Second of all, animal testing has provided us with many vaccines and antibiotics.If we were to restrict research with animals we would be preventing discoveries that would benefit humankind."Following the wor…

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