Animal Testing

Animal Testing/Experimentation: Why not?
People who would end experimentation on laboratory animals don't understand the importance it.They don't realize that we have came a long way in animal research that has benefited humans tremendously. From bettering human bodies, curing diseases, and saving lives is alldue to animal testing. (Hoagland 23)
It is very easy to find extreme statements for and against experimentation on animals. Publications like Frank Stilley's The $100,000 Rat and Other Animal Heroes for Human Health tend to paint a glowing picture of animal experimentation as untainted by inhumane practices and motivated by the pure selfless desire to better the human condition (Goodwin 217).
There are six main reasons for animal testing. First, animals have a much simpler life span than humans. This means that they are less complicated. They are less complicated organically and psychologically. It would take years to understand a human organism. It would also take a long period of time to fully evaluate a human psychologically. If you study animals you can cut back on a lot of time (Hoagland 111).
Secondly, animals usually have a shorter life span. This factor is important because the transmission of genetically determined traits is of vital interest. For example, if you test on the life of a mouse it would take about five months. On the other hand, if you test on the life of a human, would take 50-60 years (Hoagland 111).
Thirdly, one can control the animal's environment more easily than that of the human. The researcher decides what the animal eats and where the lives. Humans may not want to live under such a controlled life. So it would be wise to do research on animals.This reduces the number of variables that we have to take into account (Hoagland 111).
Fourthly, researchers can use larger numbers when they use animals as compared to humans. Even if they get human volunteers it wi…

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