Animal Testing

Animal testing is when biologists test medicine on
animals to make medicine to save thousands of lives.
Do you think animal testing is cruel? I don’t because
would you rather test medicine on humans and taking
the risks of someone dying. When you test medicine on
animals you can take that risk of losing one monkey
The types of animals they test medicine on are rats,
monkeys, rabbits, cats, mice, and dogs. Some of the
medicines they test on animals are vaccines, and other
Animal testing started in the 1920’s. As we all know
there are companies that don’t use animals, but the
reactions to the medicine aren’t as acurate. Some
medicines have to be tested on animals by law.
Vaccines help to prevent us, our pets and farm
animals from catching infectious diseases cause by
microorganis and bacterias. In the past people have
died from smallpox, and polio because there wasn’t
medicine in the world back then that could be tested
on animals. People who had polio were crippled because
Much reduction of animal use has already occurred
with respect to abnormal toxicity testing. Many people
think that using animals is not as acurate as using no
animals at all. They can think what they want because
they are wrong. Animaltesting is the best all around
way to find out medicines and how they work.
For all the people who are against animal testing can
read this and I think it will definetly change their
minds. If there was a little four year old child
suffering from a diesease, would you rather save his
or her life by testing medicine on an ugly mouse and
saving a precious child from death. I would because
there are plenty of mice in the world but there are
even more sick and dying children in the world that
If you wonder how they test medicine on animals, I

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