Animal Testing

If penicillin hadn't been tested on guinea pigs, it might never have reached the public. It is lethal to guinea pigs, deactivates the blood system of rabbits and is deadly to cats. Scientists are pushing for more experiments regardless of the cost to the animal’s life. “One expense is the involvement of killing animals in the pursuit of a pine-scented air freshener”(Vergoth,p21).Animals suffering in experimentation labs are injust and cruel to animals. It is wrong to harm an innocent animal of any wrong doing, when the animal doesn’t know right from wrong. It is argued that people have an obligation to animals, so that we can protect their welfare.Many animals experience pain, and sometimes death, during lab experiments. No animal experiments can be justified. Animal experiments have helped in some ways, such as the discovery of the polio vaccine.
Vivisection can be defined as an invasive experiment performed on an animal for the purpose of scientific research, product testing or education (“The National. . .”). Vivisection is extremely wrong because it causes pain and suffering on animals. Animals are entitled to be free from acts of cruelty. Animals, however, are important in research because their body systems are almost identical to humans. The use of dogs developed open-heart surgical techniques, coronary bypass surgery, and heart transplantation. Animals have helped in some ways, such as the discovery of the polio vaccine.
The pulsing pain of electrodes planted in a chimps’ brain is repulsive. The death of a tortured raccoon caught in a leg trap is agonizing. This is why animal experiments are so wrong. Some might say that all animals are resources.
More than five billion dollars of federal tax revenue are spent annually on animal research (“Bio-Medical Research”). With that money there could be drug rehabilitation programs, nutrition counseling for the disadvantaged, or even improving water and air quality; but i…

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