Animal Rights

One of the questions facing society today is whether animals should be used in scientific experimentation.In the middle of this controversy, many ideas about nature, primarily animals, are formed.Each side has different arguments, each one posing questions on the place of humans with respect to animals and the rest of the natural world.The history of the benefits of animal research is marked by dramatic breakthroughs.Working with animals in research is vital to continue medical progress.There is a great deal of controversy surrounding animal research today.One example of such controversy is animal rights activists saying that animals have the capacity to suffer.Another example is animals can't control their own behavior and humans can, so humans shouldn't harm the life of animals.Animal rights activist also say that animal research is deliberate and therefore cruel. Lastly animal rights activists believe discrimination against other life forms, because they are members of different species, is parallel to discrimination against humans on the grounds of race, gender or religion, and therefore is immoral.On top of this there are many things that we would not have if it weren't for animal testing.
Animal rights activists say that animals have the capacity to suffer and therefore should not be tested on; however, this is not a logical argument.It does not work because most animals experience little or no pain at all in nearly all medical research.Approximately ninety four percent of medical research either does not involve pain or uses anesthesia (Leahy).However, about six percent of research involves some pain to the animal, primarily in the area of pain research itself.Pain is a significant medical problem and work continues into drugs and treatments to help alleviate the effects of arthritis, headaches, cancer, and angina.While the ability of animals to suffer may not be a good reason to sto…

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