Animal rights

Many humans use animals for testing each year.Animal testing is when the animals are put through something or injected to see how they react to what medical research they have been used for.
There are three very important reasons why animals should not be used for testing harmful or dangerous materials.One of these is that testing and its use is trivial in the cosmetic industry.The second reason is that animals have rights and animals can feel pleasure and pain just as humans do.The third reason is that testing is cruel and unusual.
Another reason is that animal testing and its use is trivial in the cosmetic industry.Testing on animals for the cosmetic industry is not necessary because they have many other ways to find out if it harms the human race.The testing that goes on is harmful to the animals and can cause serious side effects.The cosmetic companies hold down bunnies in vices and spray the cosmetics into their eyes to see if it causes them redness, stinging, or even blindness. They also have baboons strapped down with their heads in vices to do certain tests on them.Animals are also used by pharmaceutical companies to produce drugs and health supplements.They estimate that 17 to 22 million animals are used each year for medical research, and these estimates do not include rats, mice, fish, and farm animals. That means that 90% of all research animals are not included in the statistics.Too many animals are being tested and they do not even need to use the animals for these tests.They can use computer software materials and get the same results.
One more point is that animals do have rights.The activists of the animal rights movements do not claim that animals are the moral equivalent of humans, just that their feelings deserve some consideration.Animals are just as alive as we are and they follow the course as we do, they find food, they produce offspring, they overcome challenges, theref

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