Animal rights

Animals have been associated with man as far back as 28,000 BC.Their use has been extensive, from providing food, and labor to playing the role of friend and companion.History records that animals have not always been treated with the respect and care that they deserve.Indeed, animal rights are a topic that deserves careful attention by all people including veterinarians and ordinary people.Animals are critical to human's well-being, and they need and deserve our concern.I do believe that animals are regarded as less significant beings than humans, but I feel that animals deserve to be granted protection and limited rights.
Animals should be used for scientific research that is used to further the human race.However, the use of animals for testing in the case of non-life saving techniques and pharmaceuticals is rubbish.Animals of all types can feel pain and they are capable of suffering.On the other hand, animals can not perceive what is going to happen to them however their behavior has proven that it is recognizable when something unpleasant is close at hand.
The neglect of domestic animals is wrong.If you take on the responsibility of having a pet you are supplying rights.When you adopt a pet you are guaranteeing them the right to a safe home where they will be nurtured and their fundamental needs will be met.It is similar to raising a small child.They both have the internal instinct to try to survive but they still need your help to make that happen.You would not leave a child at home with no food or water, or even in that case with out proper supervision.Nonetheless, an animal can be left alone although they would still need food, water and security provided.
The Circle of Life would not go-round if animals were not intended for food. On the other hand, it is not right to horribly mistreat animals while they are raised for the sole purpose of food.They should possess limited rights to…

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