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Imagine a world without chemotherapy, organ transplants, joint replacements, and antibiotics.These are just a few of medical wonders developed through animal research.Animal research has been a heated discussion for the past fifty years.Some argue that the research done upon animals is cruel and unethical.Others believe without animal research, there would be no new advances in the medical field and thousands of lives would have been lost if animals were not tested on.This topic has prompted many activists, scholars and doctors to voice their opinion about animal research.Joy Williams stands in utter opposition to animal research.On the other hand, Ike Sugg and Dr. Joseph Murray express the advantages to animal research and their disapproval of the opposition's activist.After thoroughly examining both sides of the issue, I have to take a stand on the side that is pro animal research.
Joy Williams, an animal activist, writes an essay titled "The Inhumanity of the Animal People".Williams calls for an immediate end to the scientific research on animals.She points out the inhumane practices the researchers do to the animals.Animals are blinded, deceberated, mutilated, burned or poisoned in hope they might convey some data that may be useful to them in the future.Some of the experiments are done just to satisfy their "scientific curiosity"."They keep undergoing more and more corrosive tests until they expire, or until their bodies, unable to provide even the most utterly senseless data, are'humanely destroyed'" Williams states (3). The most beneficial lab animal is the chimpanzee.Its DNA possesses ninety-eight percent of the same genetic code as humans.Chimpanzees have shown some intellectual thinking by being able to learn sign language.Something this close to a human being should not be tormented by scientific research Williams believes.Chimps are bei…

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