Animal Abuse

To me animals were never a concern. Animals were just creatures put on this earth, and whatever happened to them, well, I simply didn't care. I saw them as just animals that didn't have feelings or even much intelligence. I always did love animals; I just didn't think much of them. My views on that have changed tremendously. I never knew how wrong I was.
Animal abuse has gone on for too long and gotten entirely out of hand. Working at a pet store I seefirst hand on how people treat their animals. People bring their pets in everyday. Seeing how some people treat the animals would turn your stomach.I now believe that animals feel and think just as people do. When people abuse them it upset me to watch the poor defenseless animal lie there, scared stiff. Animals can't talk for themselves, so that's why people must talk for them. Of all the animals that I see come in the store, dogs seem to get the raw end of the deal. I've seen more dogs abused than anything else.
Many people believe in physical discipline. I believe in it to a certain extent. Sometimes spanking a dog can help enforce rules, as long as its not taken too far. Kicking and hitting a puppy so hard that he's crying because he's injured, all over a barking problem, is simply cruel and ridiculous. People like this need to feel the same beating they just gave. The sad thing is, if they treat their animals that way, imagine how they treat people.
Watching people bring their dogs to the vet can be heartbreaking in itself. Bringing the dog to the vet doesn't necessarily mean their taking good care of their pets. When a dog comes in the vets so ate up with mange that there is barely any hair left on its body, and he's itching so badly he's bleeding makes me wonder how these people never realized any time before that something could be wrong with him. I've seen a man carry in his rottweiler in be

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