Angola is located in southern Africa, boarding the South Atlantic Ocean and is between Namibia and Democratic republic of the Congo. The area is 1,246,700sq km. For size comparative Angola is less than twice the size of Texas.For the geographic coordinates they are 12 30 s 18 30 E. The coastline is 1,600km long.The highest point in elevation is Morro de Moco witch is 2,620 miles high.
The population of Angola is 11,177,537. The Capital and its largest city is Luanda witch has 2,000,000 people. Some other large and main cities are Huambo that has 400,000 people and one more main city is Lubango, 105,000. The birth rate is 43.1/1000; infant mortality rate is 129.2/1000; density per sq. mi: 23
The climate in the south and along the coast to Luanda; north has cool but dry seasons. (May to October)
And hot, rainy seasons. (November to April)
The land use age 25% is arable land 0% is used for permanent crops than the most of the land is forests and woodlands witch is 47% and than other is 32% and than Irrigated land is 750 sq km (1993). One of a natural hazard is locally heavy rainfall and that causes break up and
Some of the problems are this: overuse of pastures and flooding on the plateau and mountains. later soil; erosion attributable to population pressures; deforestation of the tropical rain forest; soil erosion contributing to the water pollution in rivers and dams; not enough supplies of potable water.
They speak in Angola either speak Portuguese witch is their official language or they could speak Bantu. The religions are Indigenous beliefs (47%) they could be Roman Catholic (38%) or they could be Protestant (15%). Roman Churches are held on Sunday mornings and there is also Sunday school offered for the children. Their Population growth rate is 2.84% witch means their age structure is
0-12 years: 45% (male 2,545,006; females 2,473,732) and than 15-64 years: 52% (male

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