Anger in America

"Anger in America." Detroit Free Press. 17 Oct. 2004, Editorial
In the Editorial listed above, the author, who has not signed to the article, discusses the recent problems facing Americans today.A Muslim activist mentioned in the article, Eide Alawan, says that, "it is hard to tell what Americans might do when they get angry."With the recent string of events occurring throughout the past five years there is a lot of animosity going around.Alawan discusses the ever growing fear among the Arab American community since the September 11th attacks of 2001.They fear that a reliving of the Japanese Camps back in World War II will occur in the present.Americans, he says, "have an ugly history of seeking scapegoats for its troubles."The country suffers from all kinds of tensions including this one.Perhaps the upcoming presidential election is proving to be quite a great deal of stress on the American people.He states that our country seems to be separated in many ways and the best job the next president can do is to reunite this country.We are divided by a number of things including race, politics, ethnicity, and even class.Americanswant what is beneficial to themselves before opening the door unto others.Alawan tells readers that sure we have a lot to be angry about; job insecurity, terrorism, the increased traffic, soaring gas prices, and so many other hassles, but it takes so much more energy to be mad about something.Anger comes from misunderstanding and insecurity and the past should have taught us by now, that the future leads to even more regret to add to our problems.
The type of anger found in this country is based on something completely different than in others.Anger is brought on by a lot of built up tension.Atfirst one ignores minor details until they all begin to pile on.Eventually, frustration overcomes all.Americans are a nation of people who get angry at lea

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