The topic I have chosen to present is called iron deficiency anemia. This topic was
of interest to me because its is an illness that I currently have been diagnosed with.
Researching this topic was interesting, informative, and very educational for me. This is
also something that affects a lot of people and is one of the most common types of
Iron deficiency anemia, also known as "iron poor blood", is the depletion of one's
iron reserves. This is when there is a decrease is the red cells of the blood because there is
too little iron or that the blood doesn't have enough hemoglobin. The main function of
the iron in the body is to combine with proteinto form hemoglobin, the red substance
in blood that carries oxygen to and from the cells. If iron is low then it interferes with this
The symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are very mild and in many cases there
are no symptoms. If symptoms develop they may include fatigue, headaches, pale skin
color, irritability, weakness, shortness of breath, low blood pressure with position change,
brittle nails, sore tongue, unusual food cravings, decreased food cravings (especially in
children), fast heartbeat, and may also cause decreased physical performance in females.
Those at high risk of developing iron deficiency are infants, young children, adolescents
The causes of this disease may vary. Lack of iron in diet is one of the more
common causes. In premenopausal women, bleeding is another main cause of iron
deficiency which can be caused by heavy periods (menorrhagia). Internal blood loss due
to conditions such as hemorrhoids and nonmalignant colon polyps or as serious as
bleeding ulcers or colon cancer also cause this. Intestinal diseases or surgical procedures
affecting the stomach or intestines may also lim

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