Ancient Philosophical Orientations

Considering the events that occurred in the United States recently, the mathematical and humanistic orientation should be used to advise the U.S. citizens and help them deal with their problems.
The mathematical orientation attempted to move from the material level to a general principle for all life.Pythagoras formulated this orientation.He stated that "we know the world through our…………………….
Hippocrates was also a mathematician.He claimed that unity of numbers is the basis of life.
The people in the U.S. could use this orientation.Firstly, it is stated that the world is distorted and artificial, this can be clearly seen in what occurred on the 11th of September.The distortions of this world are easily noticed and humans can sense them through our sense impressions.Through our senses we know the world.Secondly, it states that a more permanent reality exists in underlying relationships.The U.S. citizens should create those kinds of relationships to make themselves stronger and use their reasoning to get through this terrible situation.They can also follow Hippocrates, who states that the unity in numbers is the basis of life.If the U.S. people could stick together they would be able to deal with their problems together, which will make their problems easier to deal with.Americans should start believing that there is power in unity.
Under the mathematical orientation it is also stated that humans beings should focus on perfection in their lives.They should try to live perfect lives.Perfection can only be developed by the perceptions that we create of the world.If we want to live perfect lives we can rise above the destruction and distortions in the world and become perfect ourselves.
Therefore, Americans should rise above all the destruction that terrorists are creating in their lives, and try to get back on track and adjust to their lives as it is now.

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