Analysis of Relevant Literature: The Relationship Between Culture & Cognitive Outcomes

One of the most important issues surrounding cultural anthropology is the effect of culture on individual and collectively, social cognition.The hypothesis that culture shapes the individual's way of thinking or thought processes is reflected more explicitly with the use of language, language being the most manifest form of culture through a specific code system specifically unique to the culture.However, apart from language, there are also other precursors that develop an individual's cognitive processes.Ultimately, cognitive outcomes include differences in thought processes among individuals, create a solid or collective thought process that becomes the dominant ideology in that specific culture, or it can also translate into more concrete terms by influencing the individual's worldview and physical well-being.
These cases of cognitive outcomes are discussed thoroughly in understanding the role that culture plays in each of these cases.This paper presents three positions, based on cases presented in studies found to be relevant in discussing the issue of culture and its role in influencing cognitive outcomes.Thefirst case presented demonstrates culture as a contributor to different cognitive processes among individuals within the same society/culture.The second case looks into the role that culture plays in affecting collective decisions on what ideology to choose, maintain, and dominate in a particular society/culture.Lastly, excessive influence of culture over the individual's thought processes lead to the development of more than just a different worldview, but translation of this worldview into the individual's physical well-being (i.e., affecting the individual's physical health).
Thefirst case demonstrating the role of culture in cognitive outcomes is shown in the study by Hatano (2005), wherein the author delved into the issue of how one particular culture, Chinese culture, c…

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