Analysis of Public Speech Given by President George W. Bush

The following is an analysis of a speech given by the President of the United States, President George W. Bush on October 7, 2002. The speech was entitled "President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat "and was presented at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Cincinnati Union Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio.
In thefirst instance this important speech is a characterized by a calm argumentative tone and logical persuasion. The central theme of the speech deals with the threat that Iraq poses to the United States and to the world in general.Besides the clear and calm but decisive tone that the speaker uses to convey his massage, the content of the speech is intended to draw attention and to emphasize the serious nature of the subject matter.For example, the speech takes a very broad and general view from the beginning when the President states that he intends to discuss, "… a great threat to peace." (President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat) The use of wide-ranging and evocative words like" threat " and "peace"places the speech at a universal level which involves all people and is not localized.By so doing the speaker draws the audience attention immediately to what is obviously a crucial issue.
The speaker then builds his argument and states clearly the reasons for the threat that Iraq poses. The argumentative and persuasive nature of the speech is enhanced by continual references to logical factors and their consequences. The speaker is careful to point out that the present crisis has arisen directly as a result of the actions and intentions of the Iraqi regime and is not a result of aggression on the part of the United States.
The tone is consistently assertive and condemnatory and uses reason to support the central points.The speaker employs various techniques to bolster and enforce these main points and to make sure that there can be no doubt in the minds of audience as to his sincerity and …

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