Analysis of La Haecidia Treatment Facility

Whether or not a person is genetically or bio-chemically predisposed to addiction is a controversy that has been debated over the years amongst the scientific community. The Disease Concept suggests that addiction is an inherited disease, where the addict is permanently ill at a genetic level. Another theory advocates that addiction is a blend of physical and mental dependency of drugs and a pre-existing mental disorder, such as clinical depression and bipolar disorder to name a few. Although there is scientific proof to support these claims, it still remains a fact that these are just theories.
Defining drug dependency and the level of addiction isfirst and most important step one should take before attempting any sort of treatment. A teenager who smokes 4 joints of marijuana is at a different addiction level than the 35 year old who has smoked 5 joints daily for the past 10 years of his life. Similarly, amongst cocaine users there are those who use it in binge fashion once or twice a month, and then those who use it a couple of times a day. With different addiction levels, different treatment levels are required. This is primary reason most individuals entering treatment relapse after a certain amount of time.
Relapse should not be viewed as failure or either the individual or the treatment program. Since there are so many diverse methods of treatment, it is almost impossible to decide which one will suit an individual the best. In general, the more treatment approaches one tries, the closer he gets towards finding one that is best suited and will work best for him or her. After discovering which method of treatment is appropriate, the individual can follow through with several activities to enhance recovery such as being part of a support group, a religious involvement, exercise, and eating healthy. It is failure to follow these steps that cause an individual to go back to their drug habits.
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