Analysis of Ishmael

Ishmael Questions

One, 3-
During the Great Depression, the zoo needed to downsize and, instead of killing the primates,
they sold Ishmael to a menagerie.By the change in the environment Ishmael began to realize
that the tourists were visiting him, began to realize that the people recognized him as Goliath and
he therefore had an identity, and also this is where he met Mr. Sokolow.

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Two, 1-
The German people, after the years of hardship following WWI were captivated by Hitler
because they liked the story he was telling them.

(sections are missing on the worksheet -the back of p. one has ch.9, just as the back of p2 has)

Five?, 5-
Two important things we know are, The world was made for man to rule.

Six, 1-
No, humans do not know the law of life.It is because of this that human society is perpetually
reinventing itself, generation to generation between the gaps.Also, humans make laws and vote
over manmade rules on how they ought to live.The strategy they are left with is one of trial and

Seven, 3-
I would guess the law might be do onto others (and not just other humans) as you would have
them do onto you.

Eight, 6-
When you increase the food supply of any population or species, their population increases.So
by that reasoning, by making more food to feed the hungry, those hungry are more likely to
procreate, and therefore there will be more hungry to feed.

Nine, 4-5-
The gods know who should live and who should die, or have knowledge of good and evil.

Ten, 7-
Curriculum for Leavers is mostly how to live, with a little technology and a lot of culture.
Curriculum for takers is strictly technology.Takers believe there are no rules on how to live, so
they only pass down technology.

Eleven, 2-4-
If you ask a taker why life in Leaver society would be so detestable, you will probably hear about
the wild being dangerous, lacking the comforts modern day society affords, and chaotic.But
what is at the root o…

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