Analysis of Children’s Television Program

Running Head: Television Program Analysis
Analysis of Children;s Television Program
The children;s television program that I reviewed was ;Doug;, a cartoon focusing on a school age boy and his daily experiences.My 9-year-old daughter watches this program frequently, she knew all the regular characters by name and knew their personalities.She suggested this program for my homework assignment.
This episode begins with Doug in his room at home listening to the radio and cleaning out his closet, while his best friend Skeeter (his skin is green!) looks on.Doug finds his old ;lucky; hat and immediately puts it on claiming he will again be lucky because of the hat.The radio station announces a prize to the fifteenth caller and Skeeter urges Doug to call now that he has his lucky hat on.Doug calls the radio station amidst grumbles of never winning these contests, when he is announced as the fifteenth caller and the winner.Doug;s mother enters the room, carrying a pair of x-ray goggles she found in the laundry.Doug states he lost them 2 months ago, and it is because of the lucky hat that his luck is on the rise.Doug then imagines he is thefirst rock star President of the United States, he is surrounded by his friends and admired by his erstwhile girlfriend Patty.This could be considered delusions of grandeur, or simply preadolescent daydreams.
The next morning at school Patty loses her science project, a guinea pig.Doug and Skeeter help Patty search for the lost pet.During the search Doug;s hat blows off and he chases it through the school into the cafeteria where the guinea pig is found.Accomplishing this task is an example of industry vs. inferiority, these school age children have learned skills and developed a sense of self, which allows them to see thems

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