Analisys of the sources of disagreement…

An Analysis of the Sources of Disagreement between Ebel and Melby
The arguments of Robert L. Ebel and Ernest O. Melby on abolishing the grading system in schools, show disagreements of value for the most part. They both agree on need for reform of the grading system.Ebel thinks teachers must dedicate more time into grading fairly, using the grading system.Melby believes in abolishing the current grading system and suggests, instead, the use of a more descriptive evaluation when reporting a student's progress.In his argument Ebel defends the current grading system. He lists possible rebuttals to his argument and offers a counterattack for each of these.Melby, on the other hand, takes a stand against the grading system and appeals to the audience's imaginative sympathies.He uses more of a pathetic appeal by emphasizing the negative impact the current grading system can have on a child's education.
At the beginning of his argument, Ebel, lists some of the common opposing arguments to the current grading system.He recognizes that these problems with the grading system exist, therefore he affirms: "The remedy for problems pointed out in some of them is not to get rid of grades, but to do a better job at grading" (2).Melby also recognizes a problem with the current grading system.In fact one could deduce he
considers the problem is grave due to his drastic proposed solution.About the current grading system he affirms: "It should be abandoned at all levels of education" (104).
Ebel believes that high grades are closely tied to effective learning. "Most educators recognize that effective learning requires the active participation of the learner, that this participation costs considerable effort, and that the necessary effort is most likely to be put forth when success in learning is recognized and rewarded" (2). To back this up Ebel uses research information.This in…

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