Euclid of Alexandria is known as the father of geometry.His books, theories, and teachings have influenced the subject of geometry greatly.Euclid has written many books that have influenced geometry.Euclid's most well known book is the Elements.
The legacy of Euclid began in 325 B.C. and ended in 265 B.C.His thoughts and theories pretty much molded the subject of geometry.He developed his theories under Plato.Euclid spread his teachings throughout Egypt. The thing that made Euclid known world wide is his book the Elements.
The Elements is divided into 13 different books.Definitions and five postulates begin the book.Books one through six deal with plane geometry, books seven through nine deal with theory, book ten deals with the theory of irrational numbers, and books eleven through thirteen deals with three dimensional geometry.
Books one and two of the Elements set out basic properties of triangles, parallels, parallelograms, rectangles, and squares.Book three of the Elements properties of the circle. Euclid also wrote three other books Data, Own Divisions, Optics.
There are two types of geometry Euclidean and Non-Euclidean.The difference between the two is that the modifications of Euclid's parallel postulate provide the basis for the two Non-Euclidean geometries.The Non-Euclidean is where the parallel postulate fails.
Euclid is not known to have made any original discoveries, and the Elements is based on the work of the people before him, like Exodus, Thales, Hippocrates, and Pythagoras.It is accepted that some of the proofs are his own and that the excellent arrangement is his.Over a thousand editions of the work have been published since thefirst printed version of 1482.Euclid’s other works include Data, On Divisions of Figures, Phaenomena, Optics, Surface Loci, Porisms, Conics, Book of Fallacies, and Elements of Music.Only thefirst four of these have survived.

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