Anabolic Steriods

A new form of drug abuse is spreading in the nation's gyms and health clubs among men and women seeking physical dexterity rather than a narcotic high. Anabolic Steroids are man made versions of the human testosterone, which aids growth of muscles, bone and skin. The use of Anabolic Steroids has greatly increased over the past few years (since 1991). It has been mainly among young teenage boys, but now it's becoming popular among the young teenage girls as well. They're legally prescribed for things such as treating delayed puberty, but they're often illegally obtained by athletes trying to build muscle mass. Young athletes who mess with anabolic steroids to build muscle mass are messing up their bodies, big time. Doctors agree that there becomes an increase in strength, but it also comes at a very serious price.
Males usually face premature balding, impotence, reduce sperm count, breast enlargement and shrunken testicles, and in harsh cases, there is sometimes the affect of aggressive behavior. Physicians say that men use the steroids more than women because the results are visible in just weeks rather than spending months or even years in drug-free training to gain substantial muscle bulk in their arms, chest and legs. Teenage boys have been drawn to anabolic steroids recently to attract the eye on young women. It's the deal of "would you rather be Clark Kent, or Superman?" They do it for cosmetic reasons; they want to walk into a room and see people's jaws drop. Researchers say that it's "the old story of the kid getting sand kicked in his face and the guy with the big arms and chest coming by and stealing his girlfriend" that has some truth to it.
Adolescent girls can face abnormalities of their menstrual cycle, stunted height, severe acne, shrinkage of the breasts male hair growth, male-patterned baldness and deepening of the voice. More and more y

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