An Overview on Physics

Physics; it is the branch of science concerned with the properties of matter and energy and the relationships between them.
Many people think that physics is just another boring school subject, but in my eyes it is the most fascinating of all scientific fields. It explains why things happen the way that they do. Physics explains why when you drop and apple why it falls to the ground instead of just floating there and it even explains how life is possible! Every day we encounter physics in the world around us. Simple physics ideas such as gravity, magnetic fields and friction have always been around, but we haven't always known about them. I would like to showcase a few of the brilliant people throughout our history who discovered and created the science of physics.
It is difficult to find exactly who began using numbers, mathematics and sciencefirst but an early use of numbers was by the Babylonia, located in modern day Iraq. In about 2500 B.C Royal Edict created thefirst standardized system of numbers and measurement. Their systems of numbers were based on 6's, which is called a sexagesimal number system and contained no zero. (Fowler. 1) But they did not use out modern day pounds and ounces system. The system was their own.
Even though the ability to measure correctly doesn't seem like a big deal when it comes to the creation of physics, it actually was. Because even though measurement is such a simple ideas, with big ideas, like physics you always have to start out small and build your way up; which is exactly what other cultures built their own system based of this one. In later years the Roman's began on a system of their own, which occasionally still use today. Their system was based off of tens, and contained no zero; only 1's, 5's and 10's. Then we based our own system of numbers, the one we still use today off of the Roman system. Our numerical system is called a "decima…

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