An Economic Solution

If marijuana was legalized it would promote the economy in a faster recovery. It would bring in revenue and taxes if sold at stores. It would reduce the amount of money spent on prisons and jails releasing intimates. With marijuana used as a medical drug it helps keep people out of hospitals and working and paying taxes to the government. Legalizing marijuana would make the government money, resulting to an economic recovery.
With marijuana keeping people out of the hospital, it allows them to keep working at their jobs and paying taxes. "After anecdotal reports of marijuana’s providing ant emetic activity in cancer chemotherapy patients refractory to standard agents, orally administered delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was formally studied by a number of investigators;(1). With marijuana stunting the spread of cancer threw out the human body it keeps cancer patients healthier and able to do their jobs and paying taxes to the government. With all the sick people healthier working and off welfare it;ll provide more money for the government to address areas where more money is need and less government spendings on welfare. With more money being saved and less spent, it would dimendal a budget defaces.
If marijuana was legalized and sold at stores a tax could be levied collecting heavy revenue. ;The government could also raise revenues by placing an excise tax on marijuana, much like the excise taxes imposed on alcohol and cigarettes. A federal excise tax of 6 percent on the $11 billion U.S. consumers spend on marijuana every year would produce $660 million for the federal government; (2). Selling marijuana at stores would create a surplus of money in the federal budget when taxed. The money could be spent on roads, schools, and a national debt. With all the money collected over a few years time America could have the strongest economy two times better than any other nation;s.

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