An Apolitical Food Problem

?The world food problem has been a growing concern that the humankind faces in the process of development today, and key issues such as malnutrition and starvation have most commonly been identified with the poor in underdeveloped countries (Warnock, 1987). An unprecedented rate of population growth outstripping the food production that will lead to an increase in famines has been a popular misconception relating to the world food problem (Radha, 1976), and Robert Malthus noted this similar idea, which is described as "Malthusian focus". Contrary to Malthus second theory, defined as the "Malthusian pessimism", a shocking fact unveils that despite having more than sufficient food to supply to every mankind today, global hunger has now been intensified (Bennett, 1987), therefore questioning the real cause for the rise in famines we are observing. Environmental threats such as drought and flood have also been alleged to contribute to famine issues in the world. However, the causes of death due to starvation in these natural disasters are definitely arguable, as it is noted that not all countries experience the same catastrophic outcome, namely famines death, in these natural disaster (Buchanan, 1982). The food problem today is thus focused on the underdeveloped and developing countries and how it corresponds with economic growth in respective to developed countries, giving rise to the distinctive gap between the wealthy and poor nations (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1968). Hence, in this essay, I will be addressing how food problem in the world today is not the result of food shortages, instead it's the political and economical framework that creates them (Buchanan, 1982).
Economics has allowed us to understand the concept of demand and supply, where prices are fixed at an equilibrium price. For this reason, anyone who can afford to pay at this given price would be able to purchase …

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