Amnesia is often fabricated by television. They make it seem as though you bump your head and your life is nothing but a blur but in most cases this is only fiction.
Amnesia is loss of memory but there are many different types. People who suffer from memory disorders are normally aware of it.
It is normally caused by stroke, injury to the brain, surgery, encephalitis, and electroconvulsive therapy. Amnesia may also be caused by physical trauma, disease, infection, drug and alcohol abuse, or reduced blood flow to the brain.
Principle symptom is inability to retain new information.
The different types of amnesia are anterograde, retrograde, transient global amnesia, emotional/hysterical amnesia, lacunar amnesia, korsakoff syndrome, and posthypnotic amnesia.
Antergrade is the inability to retain new information and normally follows brain trauma.
Retrograde is the type of amnesia where a person can recall events after a trauma but not before.
Transient global amnesia has no identifiable cause. Researchers suggest that migraines may be a cause. It consists of sudden forgetfulness and confusion and may last 30-60 minutes.
Emotional/hysterical amnesia is a type of memory loss caused by psychological trauma.
Lacunar amnesia is the inability to remember a specific event.
Korsakoff syndrome is memory loss caused by alcoholism.
Posthypnotic amnesia is the inability to remember events that occurred during hypnosis or information stored in long-term memory.
As you can see, there are many different causes and types of amnesia. And most of the things that you hear are normally embellished.

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