Ammonia Production Social Relevance Report

Ammonia is a colourless alkaline gas with the formula NH3 and is made up of one part nitrogen and three parts hydrogen.
It is lighter than air and has a sharp, stinging odour.Ammonia can be inhaled safely if it is greatly diluted in air, but concentrated ammonia gas can cause suffocation and death.Ammonia does not burn is air, but it burns in oxygen with a weak yellow flame.
Properties: – Ammonia gas is extremely soluble in water, as it is able to form hydrogen bonds with polar water molecules.It changes to a liquid at ?V33.35 oC.Liquid ammonia boils at the same temperature.It freezes to a clear solid at 77.7 oC.In going from a liquid back to a gas, ammonia absorbs a large amount of heat from its surroundings.Upon evaporation, one gram of ammonia absorbs 327 calories of heat.For this reason, ammonia is widely used in refrigeration equipment.Liquid ammonia is used in the chemical laboratory as a solvent.It is a better solvent for ionic and polar compounds than ethanol, but not as good as water; it is a better solvent for nonpolar covalent compounds that water, but not as good as ethanol.It dissolves alkali metals and barium, calcium and strontium by forming an unstable blue solution containing the metal ion and free electrons that slowly decomposes, releasing hydrogen and forming the metal amide.Compared to water, liquid ammonia is less likely to release protons (H+ ions), but is more likely to take up protons to form NH4+ ions and is a strong reducing agent.Ammonia takes part in many chemical reactions.It reacts with strong acids to form stable ammonium salts, with hydrogen chloride it forms ammonium chloride, with nitric acid to form ammonium nitrate and with sulfuric acid to form ammonium sulfate.Ammonia reacts with certain metal ions to form complex ions called ammines.It also takes part in oxidation and reduction reactions.It burns in oxygen to form n

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