Americas Youth and TOdays Violence

America's Youth and Today's Violence
The media believes every child is capable of what happened at Columbine. Therefore, when a person picks up a paper or turns to his or her favorite news channel, all they learn about is how schools are enforcing new rules and regulations to control violence. People hear about the media blaming everything as a part of today's violence in schools.The media blames different groups of people, as a part of today's violence in the schools. The incident at Columbine was a freak act of violence, and there are hardly any children that would have anything to do with violence of this nature.The media thinks there may be someone to blame for why kids turn to violence.They blame TV, movies, music, and even athletes. The media could blame parents.
The media blames high school athletes for the violence in schools.For many youth, their role models are athletes, but for others, athletes are their worst nightmares. In my high school, athletics was everything. Many of the athletes would pick on the little guys or under class men. The athletes at my school were bullies, but to my knowledge no one wanted to come in and shoot an athlete. How many students go into schools and just start shooting and being violent. Most students of today do not promote that type of violence. In fact, many athletes of all levels inspire youth to do better in school, to work as a team, and to try harder to give their all. Some examples of professional athletes that inspire youth are Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, and Chamique Holdsclaw.They all encourage youth to do their best. And since Athletes encourage positive actions and do not promote violence, athletes should not be the ones to blame.
Athletes encourage kids to stay in school and motivate them to make good grades so that they can participate in sports. When children are participating, they stay out of trouble. Chi

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