America's Standardization

The idea that Intelligence can be counted is one that begun in 19th century. The belief that IQ-based standardized testing is an essential ingredient in an equitable process that establishes who is most deserving and who merits the rewards our society is an illusion. [Spearman, Terman, Brigham, Burt, Jenson and the Bell Curve ideologues Herrnstien and Murray believe in the four characteristics of biological determinist dogma. The contemporary educational system justly determines who the real "Golden Children" are focuses on them, and rewards them as the most deserving individuals within our American meritocracy. Gould and Singham refute the scientific characteristics of the biological determinist's IQism. There are many ingredients, many of which are invisible in the "Golden Child" recipe in this country. Kienholz's assemblages are the result of a history of resisting standardization in the art world. Kienholz's assemblages are also examples of his anti-standardization perspective. There are many challenges students face in being exposed to a non-standardized education. My "learning process" in Core 11 mirrors that of one in The Dead Poets Society.]
There are four key characteristics of biological determinist dogma. The Characteristics are Intelligence is innate, heritable, fixed and measurable. Professor Arther Jensen, a professor at the University of California Berkley, believed that certain racial groups were destined for the basement in society, not due to any environmental factors. Instead because of an apparent genetic shortfall. According to the Cognitive Elitists, Hernstein and Murray. Intelligence is innate and there exist a group of superior people that should be nurtured, pampered and taught to be the leaders of society. The eugenics movements passed laws to slow the flow of "inferior breeds" like, Italians, Jews and Poles. This was the result of the belief intelligenc…

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