America’s Role In the Next Century

America;s Role In the Next Century

As one of the most powerful and productive nations on earth today, America has
many goals to persue in the next century.A few of these goals would be better
employment status, less school violence, and more emphasison education.
Presently, people of the United States of America need to decrease their
dependence on government aid. Most of the solution for this problem lies in bringing
more foreign corporations to the U.S.The remaining part of this solution involves
getting the people of our nation to work for these corporations.By combining these two
solutions, America is sure to increase the margin of employment rate as compared to
other nations in the world.
Another major issue is lowering our nation;s crime rate. Recently, America has
watched as its public school systems have become uncontrolable war zones.Not only to
an American citizen, but also to one who experiences the daily life in these war zones.
One of America;s top roles in the next century should be to insure the safety of the next
generation.In order to do so, teachers should be allowed to discipline students with
methods of the past without the fear of losing their job.With these methods back in
practice, students would realize the importance of submetting to authority nad America
would notice a reduction of crime rates in public schools.
Because employment is nearly implssible to acquire without at least a high school
diploma, the importance of obtaining a higher education should be stressed more now
than in the past.Today;s technological advances require workers to have more
knowledge to run the computerized machines that produce most manufactured goods.
Emphasis needs to be placed on the other subjects besides math, science, and vocational
courses.English and history are also important today.With immigration becoming more
popular, Americans need a knowledge for different cultures.People wh…

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