American politics

The United States is as we all know a very diverse nation.People from all walks of life come to America in hopes for a better life.The government is then looked to, to provide that better life for the American citizen.We have the right as free citizens to put who we want into office.Although the government is faced with many important decisions, we turn to them to make the right ones.
The dimensions used in the political gauges are similar for all four of the quizzes.On thefirst quiz your answers could fit into a liberal's, a moderate's, or a conservative's point of view.The second quiz was much more in depth and at the end we were presented with a grid.The red dot told us where we stand.We could be social economic libertarian or social economic authoritarian.The third quiz was very short it only concerned common personal and economic issues.Your score was mapped out on a diamond with one of the five following results: libertarian, left-liberal, centrist, right conservative, or statist.The fourth quiz scored your answers much like the second one.Except this time you could be a fiscal/non-fiscal liberal/conservative.
In general, I believe they measure not only a person's political stand, but could also reflect the person's personality as well.The things that we are taught in life often shape our political views.We can take this information along with our own thoughts and decide on our political preference.All four of the tests I took measured me almost the same.I am proud of my views and where I stand.I believe the second quiz provided the best non-biased measure, because it was the longest and the most in depth.There were 5 choices you could pick from, so you got the most accurate scored.Unfortunately, other quizzes lacked the selection of answers.
I could tell when I was taking the test that I would have a pretty good idea of how they would define me.My pred…

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