American Political System

Dually, the way Congress and the executive branch is formed affects public policy we have as well as the quality of democracy and its insulation from the public.The Congress' purpose, when it was created, was to, quite simply, make laws.The executive branch's purpose was to execute the law. There are interests groups, however, that have more of an influence on these two instruments of law because of their large disposable income.The nature of these interest groups is to lock in their own opinion into the government and isolate these policymakers from any public opinion.Through their wealth, they affect policy and the interest groups' will is carried out.Hence, the lawmakers hired for the job of congressman or president, for example, are influenced more so by these interest groups than by the will of the public.
Congress was built in order to make laws.As it started out, Congress was established by rich land owners, professionals, and primarily those of the top 1% of income earners.Because of this, the congress was sculpted to serve their needs which include but are not limited to, lowering income tax, supporting a hands-off, or laissez-faire policy toward the economy and creating new laws and programs that maintain their way of life.Even though candidates may run and say that they are for Congressional reform, these candidates mainly respond to the interest groups that support them, which will be explained later on.This, in turn, does not bring about much change.Ultimately, even though congress is fragmented in nature, the laws that are created cater to those wealthy interest groups.
Through many years, congress has broken powers up to balance itself out.Now the power in congress lies mainly in the committees and subcommittees.The speaker of the house once had much power including that to unilaterally kill any piece of legislation he should desire.An abuse of power brought about reform in …

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