American National Politics

In the game "Clue" a murder is committed.The object is to dismiss the myriad of
possible people, places, and weapons to finally discover the true identity of the
killer.Just as in this game politics offers a number of different alternatives.The key
is to choose a political ideology that seems to make the most sense and support
decisions based on this idea.Being a liberal, I support the bill passed in the House
of Representatives that amends the current requirements of the welfare program.
To understand why this bill has my support I willfirst describe the ideology of
liberalism, next explain how I interpret these ideals, so that finally I can express how
this bill supports the liberalist movement.
Liberalism is a political ideology which supports government intervention is
the society in which it runs.Beyond this seemingly communistic sentence, liberals
hope to increase government in order to further benefit those in society.More
specifically liberals desire an action directed at those who suffer from poverty or
other social diseases, hoping to find a cure in a more moderated social fabric.This
is not to say that the ideology dismisses any form of individuality or freedom.On
the contrary, liberals hold individuality as highly important.A more involved
government is not meant to limit those on the upper portion of the social and
economic ladder, but instead is designed to help the lower half in the climb.
The term liberal is not always flattering, and is at times assigned to those
who seem to want others to make decisions for them.And yet I still deem myself
as such for three reasons:society's need for help at times, the ability of government
as an outgrowth of the people to have better insight into social problems, and the
individual's need for a support system.It is impossible to say that no society faces
problems.Be them large or small wh…

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