American Manifesto

My name is Alexander Paul Halpin.I am a PROUD citizen of the great country of the United States of America.As of now this country is great but as we know this the U.S. is an imperial nation and all empires decline and eventually fall.I love my country more than anything and I am very frustrated at the direction it is going in it is almost a burden that I cannotpossibly bear because our country's lack of morals, religion, and education are gutting Lady Liberty from the inside out.But it is a burden I have to bear because no one else will. I feel I have to this fight even if I fight alone.In this manifesto I will explain where our country is going, why it is going there, who is doing this to our nation and how we can fix it if its not too late.After I finish this hopefully others will join the fight I need help.I will not stand by idly and watch our country destroy itself period.I do not care if I have give up my possessions or even my life, I regret that only have one life to give for the United States of America and all her loyal citizens.
Have you ever driven by a sewage a plant and said damn that stinks!Well that is what I say when I think of where our country is going.It all starts with the loss of good old fashioned American Morals.We as a people have sight of what is most important, which is God, Family, and Country.These three values are the most important values we ever have specifically in that order none comes before those three values.If you take a firm stance on those values any others will always follow.Our country has been going downhill for a long time if we don't stop it soon our freedoms and great democracy will be gone forever.Everyone wants to do something about it, but they all think they won't make difference I am telling you if we all stand together and fight on a united front we will never be conquered.The lack of religion i

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