American Government

American Government
Government is the institution through which society
makes and enforces its public policies. It is the agency through
which the state exerts its will and works to accomplish its
goals. Government consists of the machinery and the personnel by
which the state is ruled. The type of government we have in the
United States of America is a democracy.A democracy can be
defined as a system of government in which supreme authority
rests with the people. With this system of rule, the individual
has a lot of power. The 1st,4th,and 14th Amendments attempt to
uphold the sentiments of The United States Declaration of
The 1st and 14th Amendments' protections of free speech
and a free press serve two fundamentally important purposes. One
is to guarantee to each person a right to free expression- in a
spoken and the written word, and by all other means of
communication, as well. The other important purpose is to ensure
to all persons a full, wide-ranging discussion of public affairs.
This means that the 1st and 14th Amendments give all people the
right to have their say and to hear what others have to say.
Though the 1st and 14th Amendments guarantee freedom of
freedom and expression, no person has unbridled right of free
speech or free press. Many reasonable restrictions can be placed
on those rights. No person has the right to libel or slander
another. Libel is the false and malicious use of printed words;
slander is such use of spoken words. Similarly, the law prohibits
the use of obscene words, the printing and distributing of
obscene materials, and false advertising. These Amendments
protect the rights of an individual, though there are some slight
Another Amendment that attempts to uphold the
sentiments of The United States Declaration of Independence is
the 4th Amendment. This Amendment grew out of colonial

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