America and Terrorism

As I look at the Desmond Egan poem entitled Hiroshima, I don't get past the name without knowing that this to is a questioning on the righteousness of an American Governmental decision.It starts "Hiroshima your shadow burns into the granite of history."I look at that and think, yes Japan has paid for its actions in a way no-one could forget, this showing the power and seriousness of America. Egan goes on and talks about the devastation that has been caused."I carry in my mind a glass bullet lodged deep the memory of that epicenter where one hundred thousand souls fused at an instant." I read this and thought of my glass bullet lodged in my memory, and it is the same glass bullet that is lodged in many Americans head too.The sight of two 110 floor buildings on fire, 5000 people being fused together, in 14000 degree flames of jet fuel but this not at a time of war. When we droped the bomb in Hiroshima it was during a time of war with attempt to stop world domination and communist ways.
The Islamic extremist is the new “communist” of this century. With the same sense of righteousness and absolute faith they kill anyone who stands in the way of their idea of progress. Like the communist, they view anything that helps their cause, including killing, to be virtuous. They believe that the world will repose in peace under the true faith, Islam, and that those that don't accept this “peace” live in the Da es Harb, or the perpetual world of war. Likewise, when the communists speak of peace they mean world socialism. Those who opposed this “peace” live in the world of struggle. Like the communists, radical Islam misreads this country, our spirit, and our love of liberty. While they may score a couple of victories, based on their own twisted definition of the term, they will also inevitably fail. The communists believe that America will crumble over time. They plot to bring this about

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