Alzheimer’s Disease

There are many mentally destructive diseases in our world putting millions, if
not billions, of people at risk.Of these many diseases, one of the most damaging
is Alzheimer;s Disease.Alzheimer;s Disease is a progressive, degenerative
disease of the brain, and the most common form of dementia.It is one of several disorders
that cause the gradual loss of brain cells.The disease wasfirst described in 1906 by
German physician Dr., Alois Alzheimer(Alzheimer;s Association, 2002).Although the
disease was once considered rare, research has shown that it is the leading cause of
dementia.Dementia is an umbrella term for several symptoms related to a decline in
thinking skills.The word ;dementia; refers to a progressive, acquired impairment of
intellectual functions(Webster;s Dictionary, 1995).Dementia simply describes a decline
in memory or other cognitive function.Memory impairment is a necessary feature for the
diagnosis.Other features and common symptoms include a gradual loss of memory,
problems with reasoning or judgment, disorientation,difficulty in learning, loss of speech
and language skills, trouble with problem solving, and decline in the ability to perform
routine tasks(Alzheimer;s Association, 2002).People with dementia also experience
changes in their personalities and behavior such as:agitation, anxiety, delusions(believing
in a reality that does not exist), and hallucinations(seeing things that don;t exist).Several
disorders that are similar to Alzheimer;s disease can cause dementia.These include
fronto-temporal dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinson;s disease, Creutzfeldt-
Jakob disease, and Huntington;s disease(Alzheimer;s Association, 2002).All of these
disorders involve disease processes that destroy brain cells and are closely related to
Alzheimer;s disease. …

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