Alternative fuels

When attending school to be certified to fix state emission failures, instructors tell stories about emission subjects. One in particular that comes to mind is about a couple that tried to end their lives. The instructor showed a paper clipping, from what paper I do not remember, of an older couple who closed the garage door with the car inside. It was a newer Lincoln. They started the car and waited for the inevitable to happen. The problem was that after five hours someone else noticed the car was running and found the couple. The car was so clean running it could not do what the couple wanted it to do, end there lives. The car was designed to run on gasoline with zero emissions. It almost leaves the air cleaner, than before it uses it.
The way individuals move from one point to another has changed over the years. In the last one hundred years, it has been courtesy of the internal combustion engine. Gasoline has been what drives the engine to move the population. The way an engine works is by vacuum being transformed into compression and downward pressure on the pistons by means of combustion of a fuel.The engine’s absolute vacuum is created by the pistons being forced downward by an adjacent cylinder connected by the crankshaft. When the valves open it allows air to enter the air intake and the correct stoichiometric mixture of fourteen point seven to one is attempted. If the correct mixture is not achieved raw fuel is released into the atmosphere through the tailpipe as pollution. The amount of fuels that can be run in this style of engine is numerous.
Gasoline was discovered years ago by refining crude oil and adding various additives to boost the octane levels. Lead was introduced as an upper cylinder lubricant. It was found not to be necessary, and to be harmful to the environment and health. Most recently, we are trying to reduce emissions from tailpipes of vehicles that run on fossil fuels. These five major emission…

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