Alternative Fuel Sources

With all the topics circulating around the media about the issues in the United States, many go unnoticed by the general public through the excuse of lack of relevance to the individual. The fuel crisis America is currently going through is not one of the ones to be pushed aside so quickly; it affects the lives of each citizen in some way. Personally, my main concerns surrounding this topic are the harm being done to the environment, the political conflicts with the Middle East over oil, and the increasing price at the pump.
The world as a whole consumes approximately seventy-seven million barrels of oil a day, and it is predicted that in the next twenty years that global energy demands will increase a staggering sixty percent from our status quo. The burning of oils and coal for power is slowly destroying the Earth via acid rain, environmental accidents, and airborne pollutants released into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels are limited, and eventually will not be sufficient to meet the demand of the public. This energy obsessed society has burned sixty-five percent of America's known oil, which cannot be replenished for millions of years. It does not improve the situation that Middle Eastern countries control many factors of the oil business, as they are not very fond of Americans and our ways of living. Basically, time is running out and mankind is in desperate need of an alternative.
Other energy sources that are renewable may be the key to unlocking a solution depending on the pros and cons of the proposal. Wind energy, hydrogen fuel cells, and solar energy all hold great promise in the future salvation of our economy and environment if the appropriate funds are provided for research. Wind energy has been around for quite some time, but has grown greatly in popularity in the past few years. It and solar energy plans offer clean, inexhaustible sources without the international problems caused by oil. Wind energy could prov…

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