Alpha and Omega of Active Compasion

Alpha and Omega of Active Compassion
Have you ever walked down a crowded city street and looked down to see a homeless man stretching out his soiled hand in hopes of a measly dollar?As human beings, are we obligated to give this man our earning?And just how much do we give him?A dollar?Our VISA card?We have a general responsibility, as residents of civilization, to our fellow man, as long as it doesn't interfere with our own personal progress.The ideals of welfare, charity, and the generous foreign policies are all prime examples of our aid to others, but the world is still uncertain on, "how much do we give?".
The idea of welfare was founded in the United States around the time of the great depression.It was meant to temporarily help the financially less fortunate.This was intended to get the ball rolling for the economy.The government would play "Robin Hood" by taking from those who had money, and giving it to help those who didn't.In time, they would put their feet back on the ground and would no longer need the relief of their government.This was a very kind and productive way to help our fellow man in his time of need.Unfortunately somewhere along the line the idea of helping the broke modified, and we were simply giving them money when they had no intention on recovering from the debts of poverty.And so we continued to show everyone else how to get money for free.This is an excellent example on how we exceeded our obligation to others.Instead of a few dollars of generosity to uphold others, we give up to half of our earnings to support those who choose not to help themselves.By doing this, we have slowed our individual progress in society.
Charity is another form of helping the less fortunate persons on earth.That, unlike welfare, is to be executed at our own discretion.There is no forcing hand in charity, although sometimes we still do not know

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