All The Presidents Men

Could two men take down the most powerful man in the world?Could they uncover the greatest scandal in our nations history?Yes they can and their names are Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and they wrote the non-fiction book "All The President's Men."They were two journalists writing for the Washington Post newspaper who covered the story of the burglary at the Democrat's National headquarters.They uncovered the deep conspiracy that led all the way back to the President of the United States who was Richard Nixon.They started covering the story as a normal burglary but after investigative reporting they discovered more.
The five men who broke into Watergate were equipped with high tech bugging equipment, which was where the conspiracy started.After being arrested early in the morning on June 17, 1972 they were taken to the city jail.After searching the men they found each one of the men to have at least two hundred dollars on them all in one hundred dollar bill.That was unusual but what added to the conspiracy were all the bills were in sequence.Adding more and more to the story was that morning the men were arraigned and they had their own counsel.That is not unusual but the part that is was they hadn't been allowed their one phone call meaning they had no contact with the outside world to allow them to set up counsel on such short notice.The evidence that tied it all in to the White House was two of the men had in their address books the name Howard Hunt and White House.Howard Hunt was a consultant to the White House and worked for the CIA and wrote spy books occasionally.There were even more flags that popped up that foretold that this wasn't a normal burglary.Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein followed the money trail to see where it led.
Money always leaves a trail and that is why they started to investigate who paid these men and where the money came from.Four of the men…

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