All the President’s Men

The biggest political scandal to ever hit the United States History was Watergate. It led directly to the reelection campaign of Nixon and unmasked a game of political spying, bribery, and the illegal use of campaign funds. Through the help of reporters of the Washington Post Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, the end result of the scandal
resulted in Nixon;s resignation from presidency in 1974 and the indictment of nearly forty government officials.The two reporters wrote about the whole scandal, and how they solved the puzzle in All the Presidents Men.
The scandal began on June 17, 1972 when a security guard
notified the police that a door lock was taped at the Washington;s Watergate. Three
officers responded to the call and found five burglars in suits with rubber gloves on and
hundred dollar bills in sequence in their pockets. The men were actually there to adjust the bugging equiptment they had installed during a May break-in and to photograph the Democratic documents. Atfirst the burglars seemed like every day people, but later on a 25,000-dollar check marked for Nixon;s campaign was deposited in a bank account of Bernard L. Barker. Barker was one of the five burglars. A Florida bank made out the check to Kenneth H. Dahlberg. Dahlberg said he turned the check over to Maurice Stans. Dahlberg said he had no idea how the check got into Barkers bank account. According to court testimony by government prosecutors, Barker;s bank account in which the $25,000
check was deposited was the same account from which Barker later withdrew a large
number of hundred dollar bills. About 53 of these 100-dollar bills were found on the
five men after they were arrested at the Watergate.
Woodward and Bernstein helped to crack the case by bringing up the mysterious $25,000 check. Soon after the $25,000 check was found, G. Gordon Liddy and James W. McCord were convicted of conspiracy, burglary, and wiretapp…

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