All about Pygmy Goats

When most people think of pygmy goats they might not think of them as I do. They are fun, intelligent, animals, and they make wonderful pets. Pygmy goats have often been confused with Nigerian Dwarf goats, and Pygora goats. These breeds of goats may have some pigmy in them but they are bred different and have different goat breeds in them. There is so much to learn about pygmy goats, I will talk about several things including; how old a Pygmy should be before being bred, how expensive a Pygmy goats is to keep as a pet, what type of housing you may need, and how to feed them properly. Those are just some of the things that I will talk about.
The Pygmy Goat was originally called the African Dwarf Goat.The Pygmy Goatfirst came from a former French Area off the West Coast of Africa.Heinz Ruhe brought the Pygmy Goat to the United States in 1959.By the 1970’s interest in the Pygmy Goat began to grow to the point that registries for the Pygmy Goats were established to define breed type.In 1975 the incorporated National Pygmy Goat Association was formed.
The Pygmy goat is a domesticated animal. They stand about 16-23 inches high, and weigh between 50-55 pounds. Pygmy goats are sometimes called African Pygmy;s, because that was where they werefirst seen. Pygmy goats werefirst seen in the United States in the 1950;s in the zoos. They can also provide milk and meat, milk more common then meat in the United States. They use goat meat in Arabic countries, and over seas. Goat meat in the U.S. is not very popular, but there are some people out there that do eat it, or raise them for meat.
Female goats are called does; males are called bucks; and young goats are called kids. Goats have the reputation for their odor, but generally only the males have an odor. The reason males have an odor is because they have scent glands as well as smaller scent glands in other places of there body;s. Pygmy goats are often kept as…

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