A pollutant is a very harmful substance. For example chemicals or waste products that contaminate the air, soil, or water.The pollutant of my choice is Aldrin. It's a pure white powder with a mild chemical odor.The less pure commercial powders have a tan colour.Aldrin is used as a pesticide for crops in field such as corn and cotton.The Aldrin pollutes the land by binding tightly to soil ad slowly evaporates into the air.The Aldrin also seeps into the water and pollutes it and gets into the systems of the underwater creatures.
Aldrin turns to Dieldrin.Therefore Dieldrin is everywhere in the environment but in small amounts because it was banned.It contaminates water and soil and animals such as fish seafood, dairy products, fatty meats & root crops.All of theses may have higher levels of Dieldrin.The air, surface water, or soil neat the waste sites may also contain higher levels.
The accidental or intentional ingestion of high levels of Aldrin affect the central nervous system.It causes convulsions.The build up of Aldrin in body may cause death. There are tests available that measure the amount of Dieldrin in blood, fat, breast milk & body tissues.The blood test is the one that's most often used.The amount of Dieldrin in the body indicates how much Dieldrin you have been exposed to, but not when, since Dieldrin stays in the body a long time.Tests are not routinely performed at the doctor's office. Some studies predict that levels above 0.2 milligrams of Dieldrin in a liter of blood may result in harmful affects such as convulsions or uncontrollable muscle movements.
Aldrin is an extremely hazardous pollutant that not only affects the world around us but us as well and for all the above stated reasons Aldrin, one of the Dirty Dozen, has been banner and rightfully so.

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