Alcohol is a drug which has effected our world for many years, almost
since the beginning of time.Louis Pasteur, a well known scientist during the mid
1800’s revealed to the world a new formula or chemical known as alcohol.
Pasteur discovered unseen living creatures known as bacteria which causes
diseases.He also discovered that bacteria could ferment or convert sugar
solutionsto a chemical CH3, CH2, OH or ethyl alcohol (ehtanol.)Ehthanol is
the key ingredient to alcoholic beverages.The effect of this chemical was the
Thefirst actual record of alcohol being used is recorded in the Bible.
There are more than seventy-five passages which contain examples about
drunkeness.One example is Genesis 9:20-26.It explains how Noah planted a
vineyard and proceeded to drink wine until he was drunk and naked.“And Noah
began to be a husbandman, and he planted a vineyard; and he drank of the wine
and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent.”This is just one
example of the seventy-five account of alcohol in the Bible.
In 1939, Ignatia Hall at St. Thomas in Akron was thefirst unit dedicated to
alcoholism.Dr. Robert Liebelt was the founder of this organization.Dr. Bob
treated his patients in a unique, but successful way.In order to keep his
patients off the drug he must supplement their bodies with supplements that the
patients were deficient of due to the alcohol.First he gave them tomato juice to
rehydrate their systems without using intravenous fluids.The rich sodium,
potassium, and chloride contained in the tomato juice would bring electrolyte
components back to normal.Secondly, he would give the patients sauerkraut
which is a rich source of vitamin B.The vitamin B is givin because they are
poorly nourished due to lack of eating when they consume alcohol.Lastly,

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