Alcoholism and its Effects

Alcoholism is when there is a progressive, excessive inappropriate drinking of alcohol. Alcoholism is thought to come from a combination of a huge range of psychological, social, and genetic factors. Alcoholism comes from emotional and sometimes physical dependence, but the alcohol normally leads to brain damage or early death. Ten percent of adult of adult drinkers in the U.S. are considered alcoholics or they experience drinking problems to some extent. There are more male alcoholics than females here in the U.S. and some other North and South American Countries, but drinking among the young and women is growing more and more by the years.
Alcohol has a toxic as well as strong effects on the body, and not being able to take care of nutritional and other physical needs during prolonged periods of excessive drinking may complicate the drinker, and in some cases hospitalization. The alcohol effects many major organs and include a wide range of digestive-system disorders such as ulcers, inflammation from the pancreas, and cirrhosis from the liver, and damage to the central and peripheral nervous systems can be permanently damaged. Delirium Tremens which are series of illnesses such as loss of appetite, mental confusion, hallucinations, extreme perspiration, tremors, heart failure, pneumonia, and respiratory infections; all of these illnesses usually result in death. Recent evidence shows that heavy and even moderate drinking during pregnancy can cause serious damage to the unborn child (fetus) such as physical or mental retardation or both.
FAS, is a mild to severe mental and physical damage to the fetus is caused by the mother’s use of alcohol during pregnancy. FAS affects about 1 to 3 in every 1000 births worldwide, and its the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western World. Kids with this horrible syndrome are sma

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