Alcoholism is a treatable illness from which as many as two-thirds of its victims recover.Alcoholism is a family disease and affects not only the alcoholic but also members of the family.Society is more concerned today than ever to learn the true form of alcoholism.
Today rather than treating it like a disease alcoholism has become more of a moral weakness, which causes detrimental problems for drinkers and their families.Alcoholism is a primary, chronic disease with genetic psychological and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations (American Society of Addiction Medicine, 1993).In the past physiologists and medical doctors felt that alcoholism was an untreatable disease.Alcoholics where thought to be uncooperative and unwilling to help themselves. Alcoholism is also known to influence chaotic and violent behavior which if not stopped leads to isolating the person from society.This deadly disease is more associated and responsible of prison sentences than any other illness. Florida and other states have created statues that if broken can result in prison sentences including life.Drunk driving is either one of, if not the number one cause of death in the United States.Not only have the laws tried to prevent alcoholism’s desolate nature but also doctors stressfully research the illness.Today doctors and psychiatrists understand alcoholism and therefore, recovery has become much more successful than in the past.Doctors can say someone has fully recovered but reoccurrence can happen anytime during a person’s life.Full recovery from alcoholism can only be absolutely recognizable and distinguished once a person’s lifespan has diminished.
Rehabilitation and moment-to-moment sobriety from alcohol is successful when alcoholics with love ones, reestablish the harmonized family life and ideal work environment.Success rates of recovery are impossible to calculate. Over many recent yea…

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