Addiction to Alcohol

Many people may not consider alcohol to be a narcotic because it is used in many by so many people young and old and also in a numerous amount of religious ceremonies. However alcohol does impair the body and mind as well as it can be addictive so therefore is classified as a narcotic. The Church's view on the consumption of alcohol is that it is not a sin as long as it is consumed in small quantities because if alcohol is consumed in large quantities than it can damage your brain, potential as well as relationships with loved ones.

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Alcohol harms the effects the body in two ways, 1st it is in contact with the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestine. It irritates all of these body parts and eventually if enough alcohol is consumed then the result is long-term pain in all of these areas. What most people don't realize is that only about 20% of alcohol is absorbed through the stomach while the other 80% is absorbed through the thing linings of the small intestine. When alcohol is absorbed through the intestine it diffuses into the blood stream much quicker than it would through the stomach. When alcohol is in the blood stream it reaches every cell and organ in the body. Alcohol basically slows down the functions of our cells and organs. Alcohol influences the brain in a number of different ways. The brain is what controls all of our senses, perception, judgment and speech. Alcohol causes all of the parts of the brain that control these senses then all of them become impaired, this results in loss of balance and coordination. If enough alcohol is consumed then the person may pass out or even slip into a coma. Cancer is another risk of a lot of drinking, cancer of the pharynx; larynx, mouth and tongue are all possible to receive from drinker in excessive amounts on a regular basis. Other diseases caused by alcohol include fatty liver,
Cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis.

Too much alcohol does not on…

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